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Colorado Small Acreage Management - Improving land stewardship by helping landowners understand and manage their property resources (soil, water, animals, plants, and air).

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  • Basic Drip Irrigation Planning and Design
  • The Relationship of New Spring Grass to Gas And Colic and Nutritional Laminitis in the Horse
  • Trip to Spain’s Andalusian Region
  • April 2018 Drought Update
  • Agriculture Business Resources
  • 2018 Grasshopper Populations and Infestations In Colorado
  • Small Acreage Q & A
  • Locoweed Effects on Horses and Livestock


  • Carbon Coating Gives Biochar Its Greening Power
  • An Apple A Day
  • Tips for Managing Livestock in Winter
  • @ColoradoStewardship
  • Fitting Cover Crops Into Farming
  • Low Water Native Plant Guides
  • Salida Yard and Garden Radio Show
  • Order Tree and Shrub Seedlings Now!
  • Grass Plots and Field Day



  • Canning 101
  • Small Flock Poultry Processing
  • Conservation in the Kitchen
  • Fall Small Acreage Q & A
  • What is Your Role in Reducing Food Waste?


  • Ag Tour to Spain Nov 26-Dec 8, 2017
  • New Small Acreage Specialist for San Luis and Arkansas Valleys
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  • Sustainable Landscaping Can Save Money and Time
  • The Tao of Mow
  • Varroa Mites
  • Market channel assessment Project
  • Organic Certification Cost share Reimbursements
  • Musings of a Novice Vermicomposter
  • Emerald Ash Borer Ap


  • Spring Cleaning Includes Reducing Fire Hazards Around Your Home
  • Grape Phylloxera in Colorado
  • Spiffy Online Solar Calculator
  • Uncovering the Mystery of Cover Crops
  • Healthy Families and Flocks
  • Big Gun Irrigation Can Increase Hay Production
  • Non-Structural Carbohydrates in Horses and the Role of Forages
  • New Resources for Colorado Small Acreages


  • Center Pivot Irrigaiton
  • Pork Production for New or Small Pig Farmers
  • What can the Past Tell us about Range Management
  • Winter Watering
  • Winter Pasture Care
  • Winter Livestock Care

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